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Decorative Concrete & Resurfacing Options

Concrete Décor

Stamped Concrete

Overlay Systems:

-Spray Deck

Coloring Systems:
-Integral Colored Concrete

-Color Hardener

Sealing Concrete

Stenciling Patterns Into Concrete:
-Sandblasting Method
-Stenciling On Fresh Poured Concrete

Surface Preparation

Architectural Walls - Stone-Crete

Brushed Finishes

Maintaining Decorative Concrete


Color Hardener Chart

Color: Dover Blue Color: Stone Gray Color: Light Gray Color: Medium Gray Color: Dark Gray
Color: Weathered Sage Color: Shadow Slate Color: Muted Green Color: Slate Green Color: Smokey Blue
Color: Oyster White Color: Sandy Buff Color: Sandstone Color: Pecos Sand Color: Desert Tan
Color: Blush Beige Color: Smokey Beige Color: Buff Tan Color: Nutmeg Color: French Gray
Color: Ash White Color: Golden Sandstone Color: Coconut Color: Summer Beige Color: Cream Beige
Color: Antique Cork Color: Sunbaked Clay Color: Terra Cotta Color: Autumn Brown Color: Walnut
Color: Antique Rose Color: Venetian Pink Color: Dusty Rose Color: Rose Taupe Color: Burgundy Mauve
Color: Quarry Red Color: Tile Red Color: Victorian Red Color: Brick Red Color: Chestnut

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