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Decorative Concrete & Resurfacing Options

Concrete Décor

Stamped Concrete

Overlay Systems:

-Spray Deck

Coloring Systems:
-Integral Colored Concrete

-Color Hardener

Sealing Concrete

Stenciling Patterns Into Concrete:
-Sandblasting Method
-Stenciling On Fresh Poured Concrete

Brushed Finishes

Architectural Walls - Stone-Crete

Surface Preparation

Maintaining Decorative Concrete


Sandblasting Step-by-Step Process
Clean the application area well just prior to applying stencil. Acetone or Alcohol usually do the trick. Layout your stencil and make all necessary measurements to align your pattern correctly. Once you are sure of position, make visible alignment marks with chalk or grease pen so that you can re-align the stencil if needed.
The easiest way to remove the clear film that covers the adhesive side of the stencil is to lay the stencil "green-side-up" and pull the clear film off in a "straight back" motion. If the piece you are laying is over 3 ft, the "roll method", as seen on Step 3 should be used.
When applying a long border-type stencil, it is best to align your pattern, then "roll" the stencil up, keeping it in alignment. Then pull back just a few inches of adhesive. Apply the few inches of adhesive to the surface, and then roll out the stencil while pulling away the clear film.
Once the stencil is in place, make sure you have good surface contact.
Once the adhesive side is applied, removal of the clear "top mask" is next. First, peel back an even edge. Once you have enough to grab, continue pulling straight back until you have completely removed all the film.
Now you can remove or "WEED-OUT" the PRE-CUT artwork by using a small pick tool or knife. Once this is done you are ready to sandblast the concrete.
When sandblasting, be sure to blast straight down on the stencil from a distance at least 12 inches; avoid shooting at an angle. Use a safety mask. For sharp, clean edges, use 90 grit sand; for rougher, deeper etching use 60-30 grit.
After sandblasting is completed, the concrete may be sealed as is, or acid-stain can be applied to achieve dramatic coloring effects, and then sealed.

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