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Stamped Concrete: Second Only to Nature

Stamped concrete is at the forefront of concrete technology in today's marketplace. It replicates real stone, slate, brick or granite with endless variations of colors and textures to enhance the prestige and value of your property.

Concrete stamping is becoming a very popular way to combine the durability of concrete with the beauty of natural stone. Installation is fast and maintenance is minimal. It beautifies your home exterior or interior at a fraction of the cost of natural stone of brick!

Stamping is a process by which color, texture and patterns are place in freshly-poured concrete to create a desired look and finish. The use of stamped concrete is only limited by one's imagination.

Many different patterns and colors now allow a wide array of three dimensional textures and design. Often stamped concrete is used with smooth finished concrete of contrasting colors or exposed aggregate concrete to add curb appeal and provide pleasing crack control. The use of a high gloss sealer completes the look, giving that glazed appearance.

You can use stamped concrete in any place you would use concrete - driveways, patios, sidewalks, swimming pool decks or entryways for homes or businesses. Its technology can be applied to both horizontal and vertical surfaces. Its process increases the surface strength to 8,000 PSI, perfect for high traffic areas.

Homeowners, contractors, architects and developers are realizing the benefits that stamped concrete has to offer. The result from its application is an immediate and dramatic improvement over normal finished concrete.

Because of its low maintenance, durability, pleasing hardscape and affordable cost, stamped concrete is by far the best decorative durable surface to choose from. It has proven itself to withstand high volumes of traffic without any noticeable wear or maintenance. This is the reason that stamped concrete has been the product of choice for theme parks like Disney World, Universal Studios, etc.

Unlike brick pavers, stamped concrete is nonporous when finished, making it waterproof and stain resistant. You no longer have to worry about unveiling problems due to stone settling below grade of popping up from the ground. It is also maintenance free - no grass and dirt will get between the brick of stones because stamped concrete is laid in one single monolithic pour.

What can you do with concrete that's new and different? Anything you can imagine. Dare Concrete's stamping will make your home not only beautiful - but also gorgeous.

-The Coastland Times

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