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Dare Concrete Spray-Deck: The Ultimate Cover-Up

Dare Concrete Inc. can transform your plain gray concrete, whether new or old, into a bold, exciting textured surface in colors to compliment any decor.

Estella Cummings and Paul Szulewski, owners of Dare Concrete, say their spray decks are slip resistant, durable, waterproof, low maintenance, economical, cool to the touch and can be done in an unlimited choice of designs which will improve your home immeasurably.

Resistant to mildew, thermal shock and most chemicals, Dare Concrete's decorative decks provide a durable, easy to maintain surface for an endless variety of indoor and outdoor applications.

Because it's slip resistant and much cooler underfoot than plain concrete, a Dare Concrete spray-deck lends itself perfectly to pool decks, walkways and driveways.

Patios and spas acquire and aura of elegance and beauty. With a myriad of colors and patterns to choose from, your decorating endeavors are limited only by your own imagination.

pool deck

Maintenance? You need only household cleaners, a broom and garden hose. Indoors or our, horizontal or vertical, check or solid, there's a Dare Concrete spray-deck pattern and color to enhance any motif.

Dare Concrete can spray a new deck over old or new concrete. The new material consists of a cement-like acrylic coating that totally bonds with concrete surfaces, bringing beauty and increasing the surface resistance. "It covers cracks and stains on your concrete, making it look like new," Estella said.

A good example of a spray deck application is the picture above. It was a job done for Mancuso and Dixon Development at The Currituck Club. The brick borders around the pool and the deck was to match the foundation bricks in the front of the house and the knockdown color to match the color of the siding.

What would you rather have in a couple of years - a nice, long lasting, beautiful looking deck around your pool or a stained and gray concrete deck?

You can depend on Dare Concrete's quality, service and punctuality, and you can be certain that they will bring new beauty and enjoyment to your premises.

Dare Concrete has moved to its new warehouse with a front showroom in Suite A at The Village Plaza, 947 Kitty Hawk Road, in Kitty Hawk. There you will be able to see samples of their work, and you will be able buy precast decorative and functional concrete items for landscaping and site furnishings like picnic tables, park benches, planters, vases and edges for flower beds, drives and lawns.

-The Coastland Times-July 13,1999

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