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Call Dare Concrete for the Best in Concrete Work

Everyone has a concrete driveway and many have a house built on a concrete slab.

You may think that all concrete is the same, but if you want one that is sealed, decorative and long lasting, you need to call Dare Concrete.


Owned by Estella Cummings and Paul Szulewski, Dare Concrete can do driveways, patios, slabs, pool decks, and now, they also have forms to pour the walls for houses.

In the decorative area, Dare Concrete can replicate stone, slate, cobblestone or brick, and they can also sandblast decorative designs that can dress up the concrete in your ground level recreation room or office. You can choose from colored, stained, stamped, sprayed or exposed concrete and an unlimited array of colors and patterns.

The stain resistant product Dare Concrete uses will cover up any stains that may already be on the concrete and keep it from getting more stained. "You probably have concrete anyway," Estella said, "so why not make it look nice."

Dare Concrete is now sealing their work and will soon be sealing all the concrete they lay, making it impervious to the elements. Their resurfacing work makes it much stronger, increasing the surface resistance. Getting into their beginning development business, homes built with concrete are getting increasing attention as being energy efficient and storm proof, withstanding winds up to 200 mph.

Dare Concrete can also provide you with concrete countertops. For a sample, check out the bar top at JK's Restaurant.

Dare Concrete works within a wide range of costs and can work with you on your budget. Homeowners should realize that concrete workers who are hired on a cash only basis are probably not insured. If anything happens to your home, they won't be responsible. Most will not come back to clean up the job site.

Dare Concrete is an insured company with an established reputation. They have a 24-hour message center, and you can always get in touch with them.

Many times people call Estella and Paul, then call them back, telling them that they have found someone who charges $1,000 less. "I tell them fine," Estella said. "When you need it fixed, call us."

"Concrete is something very permanent," she added. "Once it's there, it's permanent, so you need the most professional job you can get."

Estella and Paul have operated Dare Concrete on the Outer Banks for four years and have ten years of experience. They belong to ACI, American Concrete Institute, and are ACI Certified. They understand the rules regarding pour and finish and know everything they need to know to provide you with a strong, nice looking product.

"We care for the work we do," Estella and Paul say, "We are proud of saying we did that. We have a solution for every concrete problem. Our main philosophy is to do our work 110 percent and make our customers happy with the product we deliver. We do affordable residential work and our prices to homeowners are close to what we charge builders."

Dare Concrete is an established company and the owners expect it to keep growing until it is a large enterprise. Paul and Estella have a strong background and good work ethics.

They do commercial as well as residential work and have done work at the Carolina Club, the parking lot at R & R Rentals, and they have restored the deck at the Monterey Shores clubhouse. Estella and Paul can provide you with excellent references upon request.

-The Coastland Times-February 16, 1999

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