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Concrete Becomes ART at Hands of Dare Concrete

It is very strong and long-lasting, comes in many different colors, it never loses its natural look and can be shaped inside your home.

What is it? It is concrete, one of the newest and most surprising materials now being utilized to add a sophisticated touch to your kitchen, bath, bar countertops, or even tabletops and benches. It is a reminder of a more human world, not so high-tech and strictly functional. It is rustic and unique because one piece is never like the other.

Concrete countertops can take on the spitting image of granite or slate simply by adding acid stains, colorings and colored aggregates. Special molds can make your countertop edge round or flat. Estella Cummings and Paul Szulewski, owners of Dare Concrete, say that the use of concrete in residential interiors is definitely growing in an era when the natural look is in demand, and architects and home builders are turning to the solidity and strength that stone and stonelike products offer.


When most people think of concrete, they usually think of aggregate gray of sidewalks, driveways and foundations, but using concrete for other applications in the home and commercial establishments adds a touch that is as different from the traditional concrete as night is from day. The mix used for a countertop is white and has a smaller aggregate. This lessens problems like nonuniform coloring and hairline cracks.

Concrete has many assets:

-It is versatile, can be molded to fit any interior, making it ideal for remodel jobs where the walls and surfaces are not plumb;
-Color choices are limitless;
-Comparable with solid surface materials in durability and cost;
-Can be cleaned with soap and water

Check out Dare Concrete's most recent job at JK's. Hired by Hunter Holmes, Paul has poured JK's concrete barcounter and Estella has stained the concrete foyer.

Another great application of concrete is ICF's (insulated concrete forms). Instead of having wood frame houses, you build them with ICF's that withstand winds of up to 200 mph. "If you want a hurricane-proof house, that is what you want to ask for. ICF's are only an average 6 percent more costly than regular wood frame homes. Because ICF's are very airtight, you make up the difference in the cost by saving energy through the years. They also make your home sound proof.

Dare Concrete has a new division of pump rentals. After their acquisition of a Schwing Pump, their intention is to make pumping affordable to contractors. The day becomes more productive instead of wasting man-hours in wheeling concrete from great distances. Estella says, "You can pour one job in the morning and get it done faster so you can set up another job in the afternoon. You won't lose the whole day on one job and burn labor when you wheel, not to mention the extra expenses in overtime, and the difficulties you have when employees are tired before you even start to finish concrete, and the mess at the job site from concrete falling off the wheelbarrows. Pumping is an excellent choice to keep your work force happy. Happy employees turn our good quality work."

Dare Concrete is a proud member of Outer Banks Home Builders Association, Chamber of Commerce, National Federation of Independent Businesses, and they are certified by ACI (American Concrete Institute).

-The Coastland Times-May 4, 1999

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