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Decorative Concrete & Resurfacing Options

Concrete Décor

Stamped Concrete

Overlay Systems:

-Spray Deck

Coloring Systems:
-Integral Colored Concrete

-Color Hardener

Sealing Concrete

Stenciling Patterns Into Concrete:
-Sandblasting Method
-Stenciling On Fresh Poured Concrete

Brushed Finishes

Architectural Walls - Stone-Crete

Surface Preparation

Maintaining Decorative Concrete


Integrally Colored Concrete is a process where the coloring agent is added during the mixing. How appealing it is to have a colored entrance against just gray concrete. It attracts more traffic. Eye catching colored concrete enlivens public areas and the contrasting shades of concrete can introduce variety within large expanses of open spaces such as business and retail centers. Subtle harmonizing cooler can be used to blend pathways, planters, curbs and walkways. The rich patina and natural texture of colored concrete are now design elements in interior walls, exterior hard landscaping, retaining walls and exposed concrete floors.

To obtain the best results in selecting colored concrete products the gray tone of Portland Cement must be taken in consideration; sometimes the use of white cement may be appropriate if the coloration desired is bright and intense. Also a lower water-cemet ratio improves the color intensity and durability of integrally colored concrete.

Techniques like flat troweling of concrete containing coloring admixtures will produce a variegated finish. Proper curing and sealing of colored concrete is extremely important.

Integral Color Chart


  • Commercial & Residential Entrances, Walkways, Foyers, Patios, Pool Decks, Driveways
  • Restaurant Floors
  • Public Parks
  • Street Crossing Sections
  • Road & Parking Lot Curbs
  • Pre-Cast Ornaments, Columns, Benches, etc.

is a deep penetrating concrete stain that creates beautiful variegated color tones in existing concrete.

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Color Hardener is a process of broadcasting color pigment into freshly poured concrete. It is most often used in stamped concrete, stenciling patterns into concrete and Thin-Crete overlay application.

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