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stamped concrete

Stamped concrete driveway in keystone pattern with sand buff color concrete and dark brown released. A recap of an old, broken existing driveway at 113 Duck Road. Click here to read article. Click here to find out more about stamping.



London Homes & Improvement. Driveway, carport and pool deck at 6325 Virginia Dare Trail.

All over Whalehead, Corolla - Driveway shapes designed to accomodate parking and landscaping.

Cliffs of Colington. Driveway was sealed to protect against elements. Click here to read article.


aggregate driveway driveway

Exposed aggregate driveway with paved borders at the Hall residence(The Currituck Club)


Exposed aggregate driveway at the Chamberlain residence (The Currituck Club)

Concrete driveway, sidewalk, patio and pool deck at Pine Island

aggregate driveway
R. Lawson Construction. Driveway slab and pool deck at Lot 35 (Duck Landing)

Mancuso Development. Exposed aggregate driveway, slab and spray deck application on pool deck with brick borders at Lot 189 (The Currituck Club).


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