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Wouldn't it be great if there were a single organization in Dare County that worked to bring the shared needs of our schools to the forefront and really do something positive to help - outside of the political arena. Imagine the impact this group could make if there were representation from all nine schools in the county on its board and if the board worked together with the recognized mission of making unity a priority. Imagine if this group were directly connected with teachers, parents and administrators who understood, first hand, what was needed and what would help. And finally, imagine the impact this group could make if it were well funded and could focus resources directly where needed.

The group we've just described has recently been formed. It's called the Dare County Education Foundation and its success is now up to all of us.

If you've ever wished for a positive change for Dare County Schools, now is your chance to help make a positive impact.

Many of us in Dare County are passionate about assuring a superior education for our children. We participate in many ways: through volunteering, through PTA, through the positive attention we give our children and in a hundred other ways.

We now have an opportunity to impact the school system on a whole new level. If all of us - the business community, parents, grandparents, people working in the schools, our retired community, our students, even people who live elsewhere but are invested in this community in one way or another - do a small part we will contribute powerfully.

What is the Foundation?

The Foundation's mission as stated in its charter is "to enhance the education and educational experiences and opportunities for students and staff of Dare County Public Schools through active partnership with the community."

The Dare County Education Foundation, incorporated in January 2002, has filed for a 501 (c)(3) status as a tax-exempt organization from the Internal Revenue Service, which allows donors to claim contributions to the Foundation as a tax deduction.

How will the funds be used?

The money raised by the Dare County Education Foundation will:
• Provide scholarships to students for higher education, for academic competitions, for special projects and for expenses associated with higher education
• Promote staff development for school personnel, such as mini-grants for classroom projects, tuition assistance for higher education, distance learning, sponsorship of
special programs and workshops to assist teachers in classroom instruction
• Support the purchase of technology, educational
materials and equipment to enhance classroom instruction
• Support enrichment programs and activities in the schools

How will the money be raised?

The Dare County Education Foundation will raise money in a variety of ways. Memberships, donations and other forms of support by businesses, civic groups, churches, school personnel, students, parents and other residents will be sought. The Foundation will also seek funds through major gifts and trust funds. Fundraising events will be scheduled on a yearly basis.

Why give to the foundation?

A contribution to the Foundation is a gift to ourselves to improve our home, Dare County. We can work together to support our students, teachers and other school personnel.
The residents of Dare County can take pride in the outstanding accomplishments of our schools, and a gift to the Foundation will promote a bright future for our schools and our community.

How can I receive more information about the foundation?

If you have a child in a Dare County School you may contact the Dare County Education Foundation representative associated with the school. Call your school office or principal for more information. If you want to schedule a presentation to your organization or discuss additional details about the Foundation, please call one of the following:

Joyce Bornfriend
Director at Large
P.O. Box 127
53556 NC Highway 12
Frisco, NC 27936
E-mail: bfriend1@mindspring.com

Michael McOwen
Rep, Manteo Elementary
School Chair
PO Box 308, Manteo, NC 27954
Phone: (h) 473-5548
(w) 202-5548
E-mail: mmmcowen@earthlink.net

Cathy Overstreet
Volunteer Coordinator
3309 S. Wrightsville Ave.
Nags Head, North Carolina 27959
Phone: (h) 441-8777

OK. So what can I do to help?

First, join the Foundation.

Each membership is a contribution that enables funding for important projects and supports the work of the Foundation. Your membership also sends a message to policy makers in Dare County that the people of this community believe that high-quality education is important. Our voices joined make a difference.

Second, volunteer your time if you are able.

There are many ways you can help, large and small, and our volunteer coordinator can find just the right role for you that matches your skills, your schedule and your interests.

Third, show up and be heard.

Attend our fundraisers, speak your opinions to policy makers and ask your friends to participate. Share your view that top-quality education needs to be a priority.

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