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Decorative Concrete & Resurfacing Options

Concrete Décor

Stamped Concrete

Overlay Systems:

-Spray Deck

Coloring Systems:
-Integral Colored Concrete

-Color Hardener

Sealing Concrete

Stenciling Patterns Into Concrete:
-Sandblasting Method
-Stenciling On Fresh Poured Concrete

Brushed Finishes

Architectural Walls - Stone-Crete

Surface Preparation

Maintaining Decorative Concrete


concrete decor

Stamped Concrete is a system where rubber patterns are laid on freshly poured concrete to imprint the surface in a stone or brick design. Unlimited choices of color and patterns. Second only to nature.

Thin-Crete is an overlay system that allows stamping over old and worn concrete surfaces, creating a fresh and beautiful look. Stone and brick patterns are available with unlimited choices of color. Thickness of application varies between 1/8 – _ - 3/8 in. thick.
Spray-Deck is a decorative polymer cementitious overlay system designed as the ultimate cover-up for dull concrete. Anti-skid, it is great for heavy traffic areas and pool decks. Patterns and colors are available. Colored Concrete - Coloring concrete surfaces can be done by integrally adding color into the mix (Integral Color), broadcasting Color Hardener into the fresh poured concrete or overlay system, and Acid-Staining existing concrete.
Stenciled Concrete is a technique that uses surface paper to make inlaid patterns in the freshly poured concrete surface. It is an alternative technique for stamping concrete. Stone-Crete is a decorative concrete wall system available in a variety of realistic patterns all duplicating nature’s texture with incredible realism. It is based on the use of rubber liners inserted inside wall forms before concrete is poured.
Acid-Staining is a deep penetrating concrete stain that creates beautiful variegated color tones in existing concrete, duplicating the look of a stone. Also Sandblasting Stenciled Patterns on a stained concrete floor is one more option to decorate with borders and designs, or imprint your logo in your place of business. This process makes any foyer, main entrance, etc, look far away from the ordinary. Sealed Concrete - A must needed step to protect your concrete surfaces. Available in clear and unlimited choices of colors.
Surface Preparation - Knowing what you're working with - both internally and externally is a key to successfully preparing a concrete surface for accepting cementitious toppings. Applying brushed finishes on concrete began as a practical matter, so surfaces wouldn't be too slippery. As the use of decorative finish options increases, brushing or brooming the concrete surface has evolved into a fairly uncomplicated, yet versatile, technique to create unique artistic applications.
Maintaining Decorative Concrete - Cleaning is the cornerstone of maintenance. It's a critical and necessary step, because concrete is so porous.  

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