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Concrete Countertops

Poured-in-Place Steps

How To Care For Concrete Countertops

Characteristics of Concrete Countertops

Sealers For Concrete Countertops

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Characteristics of Concrete Counters

Concrete is a porous material that absorbs liquid. Citrus juice, vinegar, oils, red wine and berry juice can stain or damage the surface. Acidic substances create light spots and etch concrete; cooking oils red wine and berries leave dark stains.

Be careful about setting unglazed ceramics on concrete counters. Ceramics like terra cotta, compete with the concrete for minerals. The can leave residue and eventually will lighten the concrete surface.

Since most problems are caused by concrete coming in contact with a damaging substance, it’s important to keep a barrier between the two. This involves applying a sealer to the concrete to make more resistant to such substances.

Regardless of how careful a homeowner is with concrete counters, over time they acquire a patina. In our opinion this property only accents the rustic look of a concrete countertop.

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